Search Engine Marketing

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing

We work together to establish campaign objectives – specifically, target Cost Per Sale, target Cost Per Order, and desired goals. Mason Interactive’s team is comprised of tenured search specialists with years of experience in the online vertical (specifically helping organizations extend their reach across the nation/world). Analytic software will give us insight into how users are searching, what they do when they land on the website, and how they convert to sales allowing us to continue to scale over time.


We deploy a full suite of tools and strategies, including but not limited to extensive keyword development, geo-targeting, multi-variant ad copy tests, landing page analysis, video and radio ads, dayparting, audience segmenting and more. These tactics are deployed and then measured in real time, with hourly adjustment made based on the performance of the campaign.

Keyword development

A typical Mason Interactive client has upwards of 500,000 keywords live in an account. Mason Interactive develops a keyword base tailored to sales/leads, ROI, CPA goals, conversion rates, and user experience. Our goal is to enable you to sign up as many users as possible, at an optimal Cost Per Sale.

Keywords are structured in the following categories:

Brand level: Expands your reach – in the example of AAMCO, this means maintaining a strong, smart presence on terms like “AAMCO.”
General Level: High-volume terms like “car” and “engine.”
Program Level: Specific, low Cost Per Lead terms like “check engine light.”
Tail Level: expanded keyword phrases, often geo-modified, like “Valley Stream transmission repair” yield the highest conversion rate.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting allows us to show the right to the right person. Based on both keyword selection and proprietary algorithms, we can make sure that a hunter in the midwest sees one ad, and that a fisherman in the south sees another.

Day/Week Parting Analysis

Day and week parting strategies are vital in ensuring your search campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. Mason Interactive reviews, over time, how traffic interacts with your website throughout the day and week. After identifying trends and patterns, we apply unique bids and budget allocations when your traffic performs optimally and sub optimally.

Ad Copy Testing

We sequentially monitor ad copies in real time, as regards both text and image ads.

Multivariate Landing Page Testing

Search is a Direct Response medium. It’s where people raise their hands and say “I want that!” We’ll create a landing page that quickly and accurately gives the searcher what they want, to convert as much of this traffic as possible.

Other Strategies | Behavioral Targeting and Strategic Placements – Example 1

Google’s reach allows us to engage in Behavioral Targeting on a pay-for-performance, low-risk basis via targeted media placements. With the right strategy and planning, you can have your ad show every time there’s specific content or article present.

The same real-time bid adjustment and analysis is available here as we watch the campaigns and ad copy, and make adjustments based on which placement is meeting your goals.